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I love the true taste of the Caribbean that is experienced in every Island Soups Brand soup and spices. And as a healthcare practitioner, I feel good knowing that I can make a delicious healthy choice in every bowl during my hectic on-call schedule.
– Brett J., Washington, DC




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I’m a big fan of the Island Soups soups, with their rich flavor and interesting mix of spices. They contain identifiable chunks of meat and vegetables and really do taste like they were cooked by actual people in an actual kitchen, instead of coming off some industrial assembly line.  The convenient glass jars and the quick microwave time make them an ideal last minute lunch arrangement on busy days, however, I find myself saving them for occasions when I have time to sit and properly savor my soup. Plus, I’m convinced that year after year they help me get through the flu season. Have you SEEN the list of ingredients? The cure for cancer may even be in there.
– Agi H., Bethesda, MD


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My introduction to Island Soups Brand was a gift from my cousin who knows that I like healthy and nutritious foods. Unfortunately, she only shared two bottles of the soups, one for me and the other for a friend. The friend tried it first when she arrive home and then called me to say how wonderful the soup was and what I had thought of it. Well, I had not tried the soup. I was waiting to take it for lunch the next day.
I was pleasantly surprised my the freshness of the flavors and the fact that it was such a satisfying meal. I couldn’t wait to order some online.  I am also a big fan of the spices. Like the soups they are fresh and most of all 100% natural.
– Jackie A., RN, Brooklyn, NY


2015-05-05-21.16.22Hello Island Soups, my name is Sam. As a person who enjoys all the hot spices and sauces I am especially fond of the island Soups pimento pepper blend. I put it on almost everything and love the unique taste of the scotch Bonnet and pimento pepper blend spice. If your looking for a one of a kind flavor, I highly recommend this product to you. I can promise you will love the flavor.
-Sam, Florida